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tennis club's history

In the beginning:

The Chicago Prairie Tennis Club (CPTC) is celebrating its 112th year
As a non-profit organization that promotes tennis as a life time sport.

A small group of African Americans established CPTC in 1912 believing that “athletic competition and good sportsmanship are prerequisites for building personalities and character.” Along with Mrs. C.O. (Mother) Seames, the organization’s founder, this small group of individuals paved the way for African American’s Participation in a sport on previously accessible.

In 1946, the first Tri-City Tournament was held in Chicago. The tournament has been held annually over the Labor Day holiday weekend for several decades in partnership with Cleveland (Forest City Tennis Club), Detroit (Motor City Tennis Club), and Chicago (CPTC.) It is a forum for competition as well as developing and maintaining relationships among Tri-City participants young and old. CPTC will host the 77 th Tri-City Tournament in Chicago and hopes to reclaim the traditional Mother Seames Trophy that is rotated to the winning Tri-City team.


Mission Statement:


To promote the sport of tennis and to facilitate the means by which it may be played; to put forth all necessary efforts to develop the sport among junior players; and to sponsor tennis scholarships for juniors wishing to further their education and tennis ability.


Building on a solid foundation:


The Chicago Prairie Tennis Club recognized that in order to reach a professional tennis level, training had to begin at an early age. The previous focus of the club as an adult and family social tennis organization changed in 1975.


CPTC’s Junior Development program was formed that year as an outgrowth of this new direction. From humble beginnings with a small group of junior players and dedicated volunteer instructor, CPTC has developed a year-round multi-level curriculum impacting over 150 players annually.

The CPTC junior development program has provided tennis instruction to over 3000 junior players, many successfully achieving National, Western, and Chicago District Tennis Association (CDTA)
rankings. Many of these former junior players were recipients of college tennis scholarships and have gone on to become productive people in their professional careers and personal lives. Former professional tennis player, Katrina Adams was a product of the CPTC Junior Development 

CPTC strives to make tennis available to every youngster in Chicago. We make an extraordinary effort to promote character development and self-worth by encouraging academic excellence, physical development and goal-oriented recreation.

All of Chicago Prairie Tennis Club's Junior Development Programs are subsidized by membership dues.




donations and fundraising events:


These efforts ensure that tennis Is available to all children in our community at a moderate cost. There are some Instances where
the costs still prohibits children from being Involved. For this purpose, CPTC has developed a Scholarship Program. The Scholarship Program is designed to ensure that participants who have both potential and interest in tennis, are not denied access to our
programs because of family income.

Funding must come from generous Individual and corporate supporters like you.


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Please help CPTC make a profound impact by supporting our Initiatives to the greatest extent possible with your charitable contribution.

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